Protocol for prevention of Covid 19 transmission at EXCELLerated Healing and Wellness:

Please do not come to a session if you are not feeling well, or if you have any symptoms of acute respiratory illness or fever, or if you have been in direct contact with someone who has been ill in the past 14 days.

Please text or call me when you arrive in the parking lot.  I will meet you at the door of the office and let you in so you will not need to touch the door or wait in the waiting room.

Please wear a face covering when entering, in respect of others who may be in the medical offices or waiting room.

Please wash your hands in the restroom or use provided hand sanitizer upon entering.

It is your option to wear a face mask, or not, once in my treatment room and during your session.

I will be wearing a face mask during your session.

Please be assured that all commonly touched  and hard surfaces have been sanitized before your arrival.

Clean sheets and a disposable face rest cover will be in place.  My treatment room is equipped with an air purifier with True HEPA filter to reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses.

At least 20-30 mins time is allotted between clients to run the air purifier on high and for sanitizing the room/equipment.

Please use the provided plastic bin to place your clothing in when you undress.  Plastic bin is sanitized between clients.

Until further notice, your session will be “no-massage”, which means I will not be massaging your skin with lotion or cream, however I may be placing my hands over the sheet or on your skin to do therapeutic hands on techniques, stretching, or to bring your attention or more energy to a painful or tense area. 


Please be assured that by utilizing a unique combination of the highly effective modalities of Far Infrared, Near Infrared, Red Light, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields), Vibroacoustic Therapy, guided breathwork and visualization, stretching, Biofield Tuning with tuning forks, and energy work, in addition to hands-on therapeutic techniques, your session will still be profoundly relaxing, healing, stress reducing, and tension dissolving.


Clients are reporting significant pain reduction and profound stress reduction in as little as one treatment.

After your session, I will escort you out, so that you again do not need to touch anything in the office.

There is no charge at this time for cancelled appointments, even at the last minute, if you are not feeling well, however as much advanced notice as possible is always appreciated.


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