My Background

Denise Trimble, OTR, LMT, CYT has an eclectic blend of experience.  As graduate from Colorado State University in 1995 with a degree in Occupational Therapy, Denise worked for 4 years as an OTR with adults in rehabilitation settings.  Working with many people in pain, Denise was drawn toward a more holistic healing profession, and in 1999 she completed a 600 hour Certification in Therapeutic Massage through Health Choices Holistic Massage School in Belle Mead, NJ. 


During her massage training she discovered the therapeutic and life changing practice of yoga. She completed her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Soma Center in Highland Park, NJ in 2002. 


Passionate about spreading her love for the practice of yoga, she opened Inner Light Yoga Center in North Brunswick in 2002, and taught classes and ran the business for 3 years, then sold the business when she became a new mom in 2005. 


In 2014, Denise returned to the practice of Occupational Therapy to work with children and adults with attention, learning, and coordination challenges at Empowered Learning Center in Hazlet, NJ. And later in 2016, she joined Fox Rehabilitation, and became a provider of home care Occupational Therapy to home bound senior citizens.

Due to her fascination with Anatomy and Physiology, Denise was also a teacher’s assistant in the Neuromuscular Therapy program at Health Choices Massage School for 2 years, as well as teaching the Anatomy and Physiology portion of the Yoga Teacher Training programs at Soma Center for 3 years, and at Sakula Yoga Studio for 2 years. 

Following her life long dream to help people heal from pain and live in optimal wellness, Denise has created a unique approach to healing sessions. This unique approach combines all of her work experience and knowledge gained through her education and her own personal  pursuits and passions in the realm of natural healing, energy medicine, and explorations in cutting edge technology. The result is now available through her signature sessions at EXCELLerated Healing and Wellness!

My Approach

The pain the body experiences can have multiple causes and facets, and there may be varying reasons that true healing may be delayed. As we age, we accumulate small and large traumas physically, mentally/emotionally, and energetically.  Sometimes the aging process itself can cause slower cellular recovery and regeneration as well.  When pain shows up in the body, and doesn't go away in a reasonable time frame, or keeps coming back, often times providing the body with gentle support at multiple levels can facilitate healing more quickly than using any one modality alone.


The unique approach to Healing Sessions at EXCELLerated Healing and Wellness incorporates multiple safe and very effective technologies that are a catalyst for cellular level regeneration and healing. A variety of hands-on techniques address muscular and myofascial tension patterns. Engaging the client in focused breathing and guided relaxation quiets the mind and balances the energy inside the body.  Adding energy healing techniques to sessions helps to clear and balance the energy systems in and around the body that can be unconscious blockages to healing.


By addressing multiple body systems at once and providing healing support at the physical, emotional/mental level, and energetic levels, profoundly positive effects have been attained, with clients reporting lower stress and tension levels as well as decreased acute and chronic physical pain levels, often after the first session.


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